Trips Start from January 2010



The Istanbul long weekend tour starts on a Thursday morning, where you'll fly out from a London airport to Istanbul in the early afternoon. A private car will be waiting to receive you and take you to a hotel, situtated in the heart of the old Ottoman empire (Sultan Ahmet).

The tour covers the Topkapi Palace (including the sacred relics house), the Imperial Harem, the Aya Sofia (formerly a temple, a church and then a masjid), the Blue masjid, the Grand Bazaar, the Galata tower, a river cruise on the Bosphorus - crossing from Europe into Asia. You will also visit several other prominent masaajid (known for their breathtaking architecture), sites where Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of the Almighty be upon him) are buried and see the place where the conquest of what-was-then 'Constantinople' took place.

Sunday mid-afternoon, you will be driven by private car to the airport in Istanbul and will then fly home to London. Concluding 4 wonderful days in a very magical and enchanting Istanbul.


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