Trips Start from January 2010

istandul Syria

New dates to be published shortly


Day 1+2) An early morning flight from a London airport starts the tour, arriving
in Istanbul by early afternoon. You will be picked up from the airport and taken
to your hotel located in the heart of the old Ottoman empire.

While in Istanbul we will visit the Topkapi Palace (including the sacred relics
house), the Blue masjid, Aya Sofia (formerly a church and a masjid), the Grand
Bazaar (for an oriental shopping experience), visiting of prominent mosques:
Eyup Sultan, Sulemaniye and Fatih; and take in the stunning views of the city
from the Pierre Loti cafe and the Galata tower.

Recommendations will be provided so that tour members can visit the cisterns,
the archaeological musuem and take a cruise on the Bosphorus at their own
leisure and expense.

Day 3) We will be collected from the hotel by bus, taking us to Ataturk airport
for our flight to Antakya, Southern Turkey. From here we will make our way to
Aleppo (Halab) and spend the night there.

Day 4) We visit the Citadel of Aleppo, built on ancient Roman ruins by Imad
ad-Din Zengi (which overlooks the entire city) and the Grand Umayyad masjid. We
will also visit a well known handicrafts and hand-made toiletries bazaar. Atfer
this, we will stop for lunch at a well known local restaurant.

Leaving Halab, we will be heading to Hama by bus to visit the ancient

Then another connecting bus to Homs, where we will see the Grand masjid of the
Muslim army-general, Khalid ibn al-Waleed. T

After which, we will leave for Damascus and check into our hotel. Whilst here,
we will visit Souq Hamidiye (ancient Roman market, which is still used today),
the Umayyad masjid, the tombs of Salahuddin, Nur ad-Din al-Zengi and Sayyidina
Yahya/John the Baptist, Jabal Qasiyoun (Qasiyoun mountain) - the site where
Qabil/Cain killed Habil/Abel (to get here, we will trek up the mountainface),
visit Maqam Arba'een (the station of the forty pious people), see the minaret
on which it is said that Sayyidina 'Isa/Jesus will return to the world and a
wonderful city view from a commercial part of Qasiyoun which includes a
thrilling 'Suzuki' ride up the mountain.

Day 5) We will visit Maloula; an ancient town where the inhabitants still speak
Aramaic, the language of Sayyidina 'Isa/Jesus. After which, we will head back to
Damascus, get refreshed and set off to Palmyra; which boasts ancient Roman
ruins, desert dunes, camel rides and museums. We will be spending the night

Day 6) We leave Palmyra to Damascus in the early morning, after which we will
visit Bosra. Here, we can walk around well preserved ruins, visit the masjid of
'Umar (one of the oldest surviving masaajid in the world), scale the Roman
amphitheatre and check out the site where Bahira the monk, met the Prophet
Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) when the latter was a child and
predicted that He would have a great future after noticing the seal of Prophecy
on His body.

We will then return to Damascus and have dinner at a very well known Arabic

Day 7) We will perform the Friday/Jumu'ah prayers at the Umayyad masjid, have
lunch and then leave by bus for Aleppo (Halab). Here, we will check into our
hotel and recommendations will be provided as to how to make use of one's time
in this blessed city.

Day 8) Leaving Halab, we head to Antakya; visiting the ancient Biblical town to
see the masjid of Habib al-Naccar (who is mentioned in the Qur'an) and the site
where two disciples of Sayydina 'Isa/Jesus are said to be buried. In the early
evening, we will fly back from Antakya to Istanbul, where we will be picked up
and taken to our hotel.

Day 9) Our flight back to London leaves in the mid-afternoon, so group members
are free to use the morning to shop at the Grand bazaar or take a brief
spiritual retreat at one of the many old masaajid on our doorstep.

We will arrive in London in the early evening.

Prior to departure, you'll be given a detailed fact sheet and map of all the places we intend to visit. A supplementary list will also be provided with suggestions for group members as to how to use their free time constructively.

The accommodation provided are well known private hotels and our guests will be sharing a room with one other person (i.e. twin rooms). The groups are mixed and are mainly made up of young professionals.


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