Trips Start from January 2010



This trip to the Sahara starts in Tunis the capital of Tunisia. You will be collected from your hotel to start your journey to Douz, the gateway to the Sahara. We will stop on the way at Sfax or Sousse and then into Douz, where you will spend the night. The following day you will be collected by your very own Bedouin guide to start the adventure.

The day will start early, as you negotiate your way into the desert under the watchful sun. You can choose to walk or let the Bedouin's 'Rolls Royce' (your camels) chauffeur you. Either way, you will experience the calm silence of the subtle winds and the warm kiss of the sun. Your accommodation in the Sahara consists of using the desert as your mattress (albeit in a sleeping bag), the night sky as your blanket and the stars are your companions.

On your return to Douz you will stay the night in a hotel, heading back to Tunis the following day via the beautiful desert oasis of Tozeur and the historically magical city of Kairouan. Once in Tunis, you will spend the night in this enchanting city and leave for London the next day, taking your memories of a trip of a lifetime with you.


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